Spring is Time for New Beginnings. 

             “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn
Easier said than believed Ms. Hepburn… 
Have you ever felt a little lost? Like a fish swimming laps in a fish bowl? Not really heading in any direction, and you just want someone to pick you up and set you in the right position to succeed? 
As I write this post, while listening to a song called “Changes,” I feel like I am experiencing the most amount of change in my life I have ever seen and I’m feeling a little lost. In April of 2016 my sweet Grandpa Don went to Heaven to be with His wife, dear Virginia Lee. Following the trip for His memorial I returned home to find out that I was no longer needed at my job. I had been in preparation to leave this job during the summer of this year, but I was defiantly not ready yet. So with my finances stripped from my recent trip for my Grandpa’s memorial and after sending payments for a mission trip I will be experiencing in July of this summer; I am officially broke! And feeling a little lost as to what I am supposed to do with my time and my life, I scour the Internet for another job and I am at a loss. 
Let me give you a little back story: I am 19, I graduated High School in 2015 and made the decision not to go to college, or at least not yet. You see, just like most people I have a dream (a lot of dreams actually), and school really isn’t in the cards quite yet. Myself at 19, is in the process of starting my own company, a brand, a life, if you will. It’s called “The Green House Company,” in this company I want to sell my hand-crafted or refurbished home décor; anything recycled, or re-loved to the public and $3.00 or 30% of every purchase made will go towards missions trips or to a non-profit organization. My ultimate dream for this company is to be an impactful force, I want to sell “green” merchandise and I want to influence the world. I would love to eventually have a magazine booklet sold for the company which features both merchandise, local photography stories, individuals stories from around the world and more. Every portion of this is floating around in my heart and head everyday; and I know what you’re thinking (because I think it too) “Haha, well that’s impossible kid!” Starting your own renown company at 19 with no college degree or hardly any experience in owning and handling your own business/organization, crazy right? 
So I guess why I’m writing this, and will be continuing to share my journey of this and my life is because I want to make the impossible…possible. What do you think? 
– The Future CEO of The Green House Company


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